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Family health support NZ with Auckland psychotherapy counsellors EHS.

Emotional Health Services (EHS) is a psychology service based in Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) offering professional help for a wide range of adult and child issues.  Our qualifications equip us with proven methods of assessment and therapy, while our expertise provides you with safe, accountable care.

EHS is now proud to offer the Getting Ahead of Postnatal Depression Group.  This is a skills based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) group.  CBT is the most researched and widely used psychotherapeutic model practiced in the Western world; it is proven to help women overcome a wide range of postnatal (or postpartum) difficulties such as postnatal depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress following birth.

Our Services page will inform you about our other work such as individual therapy for men, women and children as well as family health support such as relationship counselling and parent-child therapies.

Visit our FAQ page for what to expect from our psychological assessment and treatment (adult and child psychotherapy) sessions.  Our FAQ page also outlines the difference between psychologists, psychotherapists and professional counsellors.